Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No wonder they only give you three

Sorry the pictures doesn't make these handmade dumplings look as apptizing as they are. You'll have to trust me when I say it was worth the time of hand rolling/folding them. They were tasty. I often pass by the wonton wrappers in the grocery store and think to myself, hmmm it can't be that hard to make steamed dumplings. Well, I was wrong. While making the filling was easy, rolling the little suckers was quite time consuming. Which is why, when you order these at a restaurant, they only give you three!

Here is a quick recipe for the dumplings.

cooked pork shredded (optional)
shredded cabbage
shredded carrots
chopped red pepper
juice of one lime
rice vinegar
sesame oil
dash of hot sauce

Mix all ingredients together, fill wonton wrapper or egg roll wrapper according to package directions. Steam in large pot or deep fry.
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